• background
    We carry out
    the loading of sugar
    with three ports:
    • Santos (Sao Paulo)
    • Recife (Pernambuco)
    • Paranagua (Parana)
  • background
    We specialize in
    the wholesale supply of sugar
    “ICUMSA 45”
    Sugar is the generalized name
    for sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates,
    many of which are used in food.
  • background
    Trust the professionals!
    We supply products in full
    and on time delivery them anywhere in the world.
  • background
    A professional
    approach to implementation
    of each project
    The main principle of work with a partner -
    Individual approach and sincere interest
    in the success of
    each project

We supply:

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About us

Who we are?

Company "WorldMax" leading supplier of high quality food products.

What we do?

We supply products in full and on time deliver them anywhere in the world.


The portfolio of brands of our company - known food brands that are well known to the buyer and have a high steady demand.

Draft files

Template of ICPO

Template of LOI (oil)

Template of LOI (Soyabean)

Template of LOI (Yellow corn)

Template of SUGAR-LOI


«Our products meet international quality standards. Working with us you are guaranteed to get a high quality product the world level. That is why our partners are satisfied and work with us for a long time»

Bobur Khodjaev

Chief Executive Officer

Nina Jesus

Marketing Consultant