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 WorldMax Prime L.L.C.’ s head office has  been opened in the city of future Dubai (UAE) in 2006, its quality-minded as well as punctual directorate have been managing to single out  the niche markets for its quality products and expand it all across the following regions:

•   The Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

•   The Latin American countries

•   The  CIS countries

•   The European countries( the market of which is being expanded year  by year )

 Also we have established our sole representatives specifically in the following countries:

The USA - Portugal - India - Pakistan - Moldova- Ukraine - Russia - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan 

We have been fully engaged in the trading and outsourcing of a wide variety of agro-produces, commodities as well as beverages the quality of which has been meticulously scrutinized with each and every shipment! The fact that The company prides itself on since its inception! sourcing only the highest quality products, with the level of quality individually tailored to each customer's demand, We always maintain very strict quality control over the entire procedure of goods preparation while  in line with the required international standards.

       WorldMax Prime has a dedicated sales and marketing team who are always available to come up with prompt answers to any inquiries you may make in this regard. the Vision is an  open dialogue with our honored  customer  to ensure him/her  that  timely support be rendered definitely.

Our distribution capillary network affords us quite a wide coverage  globally speaking in supplying  the ever-growing  consuming world market  with a steady pace onwards.

         Mission of our company is to conduct business professionally and morally, with a strong focus on optimal governance, creativity and innovation. Our highly qualified team regularly try their level best to be at your service and are obligingly happy to go the extra mile to afford  you an enhanced quality of service held forth in an efficient manner.

   In an effort to reach a successful resolution, WorldMAX Prime on behalf of Manufacturers as AUTHORIZED SELLER", hereby confirm with full corporate responsibility and one of the large suppliers of CRYSTAL SUGAR, with the readiness of willing and able to transact and also selling the commodities presented on website.

       Considering, that our company works for a straight line with plants in Brazil and South America, further has opportunity to provide flexible prices and respectively has opportunity to take a world position out of competition on the whole-sales market and has honor to provide you ahead to the factories (Mills). Besides Sugars, we are ready also to supply the products such as:    

  • Rice all kind of types (Pakistan/India & Vietnam);

  • Sunflower Oil (Ukarine & Rusian);

  • Soybean crude Oil;      

  • Palm Oil (Malaysia)               

  • Soybean Meal (Brazil/Argentina) ;

  • Yellow corn grade II (Brazil/Argintina/Uruguay);

  • Olive oil (Spain/Italy/Greece/Morocco & Portugal);

  • Wheat (Russian/Ukraine/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan) ;

  • Wheat Flour (Turkey/Russian/Ukraine/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan);

  • Barley (Russian/Ukraine/Kazakhstan);

  • Chicken "Halal" (Brazil/Turkey and Ukraine)

  • Meat "Halal" (Brazil) products; 

   As well as, we have enough opportunities to supply all kind of Sugars & Brown Sugar, Barley, Powder Milk, etc. according the official requests.

      During the experienced period of our business way on going Forward, the main focus is based on to reach the status of “Trusted & Favorable Company” in whole world. Therefore we says:



     Feel free & contact us for any blurred conception you may bear in the picture of our company so that our expert team should illuminate it in no time! if any questions will rise further on, kindly don’t hesitate to put it to us! we are ready to answer round the clock  with the purpose of a «Successful» Deal to be concluded eventually with your good company !

Looking forward to your nice and prompt reply, we are!


Trust and secure an  Easy & Favorable new cooperation with us, hoping for the

Brightest and Most Inspiring Business Forever!


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