Proof of product

      The Producer will issue the Proof of Production (POP) Capability to the Buyers Bank or to the Buyer after acceptance of the pre-advice of readiness to issue the payment instrument.

NOTE: Since the product has not yet been produced, Proof of Product Production consists of documentation confirming the Seller as a registered Seller with a refinery of Sugar which is registered with the Brazilian Government. The documentation establishes that the Seller is not only qualified, but capable, experienced and licensed to sell and export all sugar products. This verifies that the Seller has both the physical and the legal ability to fulfill the contracts they issue.

Most Famous Question: Is it possible to see the sugar before committing to a purchase?

       In most cases there will not be any actual sugar to see, as the sugar will be transported from the refinery to the ship after the order is confirmed. Sugar is generally not stored in warehouses waiting to be purchased, and can’t be viewed.

       POP is more of a myth than reality. There are more potential buyers being misled by this POP issue than any other issues.

       Inexperienced buyers will ask for POP certificate of documents or some forms of allocation documents, etc, thinking that there is such a thing. The only POP is from the Seller bank transmitting a telex message to the Buyer after the Letter of Credit has been established.

REFINERY BUYER VISITS are possible after the buyer has signed the contract and shown POF then prior to opening the instrument.

     Sugar is processed in Brazil through the crop of Sugarcane. The Sugarcane is harvested in a quantity to meet refinery orders. Harvesting of the sugarcane and storage of it results in a quantifiable loss of product because the sugarcane must be processed within a certain number of days. Sugar extraction from the cane starts to diminish as the cane dries out.

     Unless the order is for sugar already in the warehouse, the buyer is buying future production. That production starts after the financial instrument is in place. Therefore no POP can be issued before the time of loading.

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